Commemorative World War Two Veterans Dinner

December 9, 2014

Our first WWII Veterans Dinner was a smashing success. We held it at the simply gorgeous. Dick's Classic Garage in San Marcos, Texas. With a turnout of 15 amazing veterans and their families, grand 1940s music sung by Faith (and a few special songs from our brother Honor and sister Virginia), wonderful conversations with the veterans, it was a phenomenal evening. The vintage cars were a big draw for the veterans, and it was incredible to hear them say to us, "I drove that car in 1938. It was the first car I owned." ... and much more like that. 

We were honored to have as our special guest speaker, Monsieur Maurice Renaud, son of the Mayor of St. Mere Eglise during WWII and now the President of the AVA Association was gracious enough to be our guest speaker for the evening. He gave an inspiring talk on what it was like to be a 4 year old boy during the invasion of D-Day and growing up going to following anniversaries, surrounded by many of the most famous names of D-Day. His mother is the famed Mother of Normandy, who dedicated her life to caring for the graves of the American fallen. Mr. Renaud has done so much for the WWII veterans with his organization the AVA (friends of American Veterans). 

Photography credit goes to our dad and Trent Sherrill Photography