Guardians With Honor Flight Austin (2015)

For our first trip to DC as Honor Flight Guardians, 2e named our little team (made up of us three girls and our two vets), "Squadron 95" in honor of their ages and branch of the military, the Air Force. Honor Flight Austin took care of everyone so well and helped to bring so much honor to these dear men, that many of them were in tears before we had even left Austin. 

Favorite spot: probably the Air Force memorial. For our fellas, it brought back several specific and touching memories from the war that have been put aside for a long time. 

ADT Summer Jump School (2015)

A wonderful weekend at the WWII Airborne Demonstration TeamOpen Hanger Day. Watched fellows jump out of planes over and over again and enjoyed lots of wonderful conversations with friends and veterans.

HF San Antonio de Valero #002 Welcome Home

July 19, 2015

Last night we got to see our dear friend Mr. Chandler at the welcome home ceremony for Honor Flight San Antonio de Valero. They returned from taking 30 WWII veterans to D.C. (ages ranging 88-96) including Mr. C! Each veteran was presented a handmade quilt, a beautiful book on the WWII Memorial (done by our friend @srbphoto), and numerous other thank-you gifts. HFSADV really did a great job. We asked Mr. Chandler if he enjoyed his trip and he said, "It was wonderful... most of the time. Except when they made me sit in a wheelchair. Every time I turned around they were trying to stick a wheel chair under me." Mr. C spends a lot of time taking care his ranch out on the hill country of Texas, so he is not very used to being wheeled around. :)

70th Anniversary of V-E Day (2015)

VE Day at the National World War II Memorial and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (Udzar Hazy Center) 

May 8-9, 2015

Wings Over Houston Air Show (2014)

November 2014

We had a wonderful time at the Wings Over Houston Airshow. It's been years since we've been to an Airshow, and this one was a real treat. They had a wonderful group of veterans whom we had the honor to meet, and the airshow was spectacular.

Our First Super Saturday at the WWII Memorial

September 2014

Words cannot describe properly how incredible this day was. One of the most wonderful and glorious days of the year! We were able to greet and give flowers to over 500 WWII and Korea veterans who came to the WWII Memorial over the course of the day, and we finished the day having met and made many many new friends. 

D-Day Ohio Reenactment (2014)

August, 2014

We were privileged to attend the incredible D-Day Conneaut Reenactment this year, and came away with many wonderful memories. Here are some of the pictures from the week (there are many many more).