Operation Meatball

Three sisters and their efforts to pay honor and tribute to the men of the Second World War

Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee. -Deut. 32.7

Singing Songs of Yesteryear

For the veterans of WWII, one of the greatest encouragements to them is to listen to the music of their youth, the songs they grew up with and sang with their friends and sweethearts. Faith is our songbird, and it is one of her greatest joys to sing the sing the music of the Big Band Era to the veterans; one on one or to a crowd. 

Operation Meatball 70th VE Day & Memorial Day Celebration

Thanks to Dick's Classic Garage and Museum for the use of their wonderful, wonderful venue; and many thanks to Trent Sherrill Photography for filming and capturing the afternoon for us! Pictures from the event.

Audio Recordings

Sentimental Journey Duet

Faith sang a lovely impromptu duet of "Sentimental Journey" with this dear veteran at the WWII Memorial in DC

Soldier's Requiem (Band of Brothers)

"We'll Meet Again"

Here is an excerpt of her singing "We'll Meet Again" to a special British veteran of the Normandy invasion.


While in Conneaut, Ohio, for the D-Day Reenactment, we had the wonderful opportunity to sing "Doodle-li-do" with 99 1/2 year old veteran Mr. Arthur Engelberg. He was by far the better singer in our group!