Great Peoria Honor Flight Fundraiser 

Greater Peoria Honor Flight was the first Honor Flight we ever met at the WWII Memorial in the fall of 2014. Ever since then we've had a very special bond with them, so you can imagine the delight we had in co-hosting a fundraiser for them in July of 2017. Held at a local museum called "Wheels O' Time," it felt as if you had stepped back in time to a scene from the 1940s movie "State Fair"...

Commemorative WWII Veterans Dinner

Our first WWII Veterans Dinner was a smashing success. We held it at the gorgeous. Dick's Classic Garage in San Marcos, Texas. With a turnout of 15 amazing veterans and their families, grand 1940s music sung by Faith (special guest singers: Howard H. and Virginia), it was a phenomenal evening. The vintage cars were a big.... [click here to read more and see event photos]

Presidents Day Party

For Presidents' Day (more traditionally known as Washington's Birthday) we had a grand party at Dick's Classic Garage for some of our San Antonio Honor Flight fellas and others. Because who doesn't want to throw a great big birthday part for our favorite presidents. Of course the day included the best all american food, music, games, Presidents' Q&A, and an all around jolly-good time!

70th Anniversary of V-E Day

For the 70th anniversary of VE Day, and in remembrance of Memorial Day, we decided it was time we held another party for our WWII Veteran friends in the area. It was a wonderful occasion of celebrating the allied Victory in Europe, 70 years ago, and remembering also those who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives so that victory and freedom, not just in Europe, but all throughout the world, might be treasured.