Remembering WWII: Living History, Education, and Honor

Some friends of ours up in Tennessee are putting on a good ole' fashioned, bond buying, liberty loving, veteran honoring, WWII reenactment this upcoming September 27th. From the way the Courter Family has put on past events, this is going to be the smashingest event of this fall. Vintage vehicle displays, authentic reenactors dressed to the nines, a special lecture on the music of WWII (with live music), WWII Veterans with amazing stories to share, reenactor swap and meet, lots of wonderful people and wonderful memories to make.

And here's the best news: It's all free! So you can come by yourself, or with your family, or better yet with a very, very large group and enjoy the day as a spectator. Or you can come as a reenactor and participate in their epic battles as they reenact events that happened in between D-Day and Operation Cobra. If that is not your cup of tea, you can come as a home-front reenactor and dress in the dapper styles of the time.

Some special events include a free outdoor screening on Friday night of the glorious film Desperate Journey (1942) starring Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan, several very special WWII veterans who will have the opportunity to share their stories (something not to be missed!), a live WWII Band and much much more. You can read the full schedule here:

This is going to be a grand event, and one not worth missing out on. I highly recommend you go to this event. At least read over their schedule and webpage, because I know at the end of that you will be convinced that this is the place to be on September 27th!

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