36th Infantry "T-Patch" Reunion: San Antonio

Spiffy dinner dates, and a fabulous time at the 36th Infantry Division "T-Patchers" Reunion this weekend... On the bus yesterday at Ft. Sam, our friend Mr. Dietrick pointed out the places he grew up, hunted rabbits, and took training. Other vets shared stories of meeting famous Generals in Africa, the Italian campaign, POW status, and lots more. So happy to have been with these great men. Below are some of the highlights we shared on Instagram.

We're at Fort Sam Houston today with the 36th Infantry Division Reunion for commemoration of the Invasion of Salerno in 1944! Interesting note: The chapel the service was held in is the same chapel where Mr. Dietrick's brother's funeral service was held in 1940. His brother was accidentally killed when his gun misfired as he was coming off guard duty. That was 76 years ago.
Just found this one from the 36th Infantry Division Reunion last week... Meet the Scarborough brothers. We mistook them for twins (as everyone else did) but they're actually 6 years apart! John, the younger (left), doesn't like this so much but he's a good sport. Both served in the 36th, one in WWII, the other during the Korea War. Together they make a pretty cute set of brothers who kept us in stitches of laughter the whole time.
Exploring the museum at Fort Sam Houston. Mr. D. is explaining how the weapons worked.
A fabulous dinner banquet celebrating and remembering the men of the 36th Infantry Division.